Malcolm Gladwell: Outliers

Why do some people achieve so much more than others? Can they lie so far out of the ordinary?
ISBN: 9780141036250
Szerző: Malcolm Gladwell
Oldalszám: 310
Kötés: Puhakötés
Kiadás éve: 2009
Formátum: Könyv
Nyelv: angol

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Ár: 4 125 Ft

Készlet: 1-10 darab


In this provocative and inspiring book, Malcolm Gladwell looks at everyone from rock stars to professional athletes, software billionaires to scientific geniuses, to show that the story of success is far more surprising, and far more fascinating, than we could ever have imagined.

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A truly eye-opening experience 2015-07-13 10:53:14
This book is extraordinary not just in its theme but in its written excellence. Gladwell introduces the reader to a side of the always-exciting-success sotries that is unexpectedly inspiring. He brings down the magical world of luck and fortune to earth in a way that it doesn't spoil our ideas about success but rather turn it into something understanable and approachable. If you want to have a truly eye-opening experience, I definitely recommend this book to you.

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