Jules Massenet: Thais DVD

Renée Fleming (Thais), Thomas Hampson (Athanaël) & Michael Schade (Nicias), Orchestra & Chorus of the Metropolitan Opera, New York, Jesús López-Cobos (conductor) & John Cox (stage director)
ISBN: 0044007433553
Author: Jules Massenet
Publication date: 2010
Format: DVD
Publisher: DECCA
Language: -

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Set in Egypt, Massenet's drama 'Thais' (1894) traces the ill-fated attempt of the monk, Athanaël, to rescue the soul of the celebrated Alexandrian courtesan, Thais. Though she is presently living with his wealthy friend Nicias, Athanaël persuades her torenounce her way of life and riches, but as she dies in the desert in a state of grace, he realises he has succumbed to her worldly charms and begs God for mercy.
Renée Fleming triumphs as the glamorous courtesan Thais in Massenet’s romantic tragedy set in fourth century Alexandria and the Egyptian desert. The timeless struggle between earthly desire and spiritual redemption finally destroys the resolve of the monk Athanaël (Thomas Hampson), just as the newly penitent Thais ascends heavenward. JesúsLópez-Cobos gives a masterly performance of Massenet’s sensuous score, with concert master David Chan contributing a ravishing ‘Méditation’.


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