Jules Massenet: Manon - 2 DVD

Anna Netrebko (Manon), Rolando Villazón (Des Grieux), Alfredo Daza (Lescaut), Christof Fischesser (Le Comte des Grieux), Rémy Corazza (Guillot de Morfontaine), Arttu Kataja (De Brétigny), Hanan Alattar (Poussette) Staatskapelle Berlin, Daniel Barenboim
ISBN: 0044007344316
Author: Jules Massenet
Publication date: 2008
Format: DVD
Language: -

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Following the artistic and commercial success of their last DVD project, La Traviata from the 2005 Salzburg Festival, opera superstars Anna Netrebko and Rolando Villazón bring their combined talents to Jules Massenet’s Manon. Netrebko was born to play the title role: her voice and body language capturing the fluctuating personality of the complex Manon, one minute girlish, the next introspective. “She is a real stage animal, constantly reacting to what is happening around her”, wrote Opera of her performance. Villazón is compelling as Des Grieux, expressing all the burning passion of the doomed lover in his burnished, supple tenor.


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