Vincenzo Bellini: La Sonnambula DVD

Natalie Dessay, Juan Diego Flórez, Michele Pertusi, Jennifer Black, Jane Bunnell, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Chorus and Ballet, Evelino Pidó
ISBN: 0044007433577
Author: Vincenzo Bellini
Publication date: 2010
Format: DVD
Publisher: DECCA
Language: -

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Bellini's romantic opera 'La sonnambula' (1831), hinges on the love and misunderstanding between Elvino and Amina (the ‘sleepwalker’ of the title). Discovered in the bedroom of Rodolfo, Amina is assumed to have been unfaithful, and Elvino cancels their wedding. But in the dramatic final scene, he witnesses Amina sleepwalking, understands her innocence, and all ends happily. Mary Zimmerman's production plays with the dual realities of a rehearsal of the opera and a performance of the opera itself.
In his latest Decca DVD release, bel canto star Juan Diego Flórez assumes the role of Elvino in Bellini’s romantic drama, playing opposite the mercurial French soprano, Natalie Dessay, in the MET’s striking, modern-dress production, screening live worldwide in March 2009.


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