Terms and Conditions

Company details:

Libra Books Könyvkiadó, Árusító Kereskedelmi Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

address: No. 2 Kölcsey St. 1085 Budapest, Hungary

VAT No: 10522082-2-42

Company registry No: 01-09-075386

Phone: 06/1/267-5777

Fax: 06/1/483-0660

Email: info@librabooks.hu

Bookshop opening hours: 8.00-19.00 Monday through Friday, 9.00-14.00 on Saturday, closed on Sunday

Conditions of Purchase

The website nyelvkonyvbolt.hu is offering products for online purchase. It is not only registered users who are allowed to purchase or browse products and other textual or visual content on the website. By purchasing products through this website the purchaser (’customer’) agrees to the general terms and conditions of sale.

Registration and login

Customers may register by clicking the Registration/Login icon in the upper right hand corner of the website. Fields marked with asterisk must be filled in. Customers are obliged to enter accurate and valid contact details (full name, address, phone number, email address). By registering, a user account will be created and login takes place automatically. The user name and password for login will be provided to users in a reminder email. Future purchases may be completed by entering a valid user name and password by clicking the login icon or before proceeding to check out.


The products selected must be placed int he shopping cart by clicking the icon next to the product. Expected delivery times are indicated next to the product. Should a product be temporarily unavailable, customers are requested to enquire about the expected arrival of stock on any of our contact details. When all required products have been placed in the shopping cart, the mode of payment and delivery can be selected by clicking the check out icon. At this point, the shipment and invoicing details, as well as product quantities, can be modified. Orders get finalised by clicking the ’Confirm order’ icon. Customers will receive a confirmation email about their order.

Delivery and claiming of products

Products ordered may be claimed in person at No. 2 Kölcsey Street, 1085 Budapest.

If you require delivery to your home, we can provide a free service within Hungary for products purchased above the value of HUF 5000- (the final purchase value on one invoice after discounts) which takes one working day. The invoice will be handed over and the cash will be collected by the delivery person.

Below purchases of HUF 5000-, we charge HUF 500- for delivery if the payment method is via debit/credit card or pre-payment via bank transfer, and HUF 1000- if cash is collected by the delivery person. The GLS courier service will deliver the parcels within one working day after picking up the product, between 8.00 and 17.00 on working days. We will notify customers about picking up products, parcel numbers and the cost of delivery via email. In the morning of the day of delivery, the courier service provides the expected hours of delivery by sending a text message to the mobile phone number provided by the customer. Delivery status can be checked on www.gls-hungary.com in the menu item ‘customer service’ by providing the parcel number.

Should the addressee not be able to receive the parcel at the delivery address, the courier service will leave a notification and will attempt delivery one more time at a later point of time. They will store the parcel for 5 working days after the first attempt at delivery. If the addressee does not contact them during this period and an alternative address is not provided, GLS courier service will return the parcel to us. If the same products need to be delivered again, we will charge a delivery fee.

If the addressee requires delivery at a specified time (a given two-hour interval), we charge a delivery fee of HUF 3000-. This charge applies even if the value of the purchased products is above HUF 5000-.

Express courier service within 4 hours:

Our courier partner is Pikk-Pakk bicycle delivery service in Budapest. Details of services and fees are available on www.pikk-pakk.hu .


We display new products on our website. Product warranties apply according to the PTK (Hungarian Civil Code) and related regulations.


Right to waive purchase restrictions are regulated by government decree 17/1999. (II. 5.). According to these regulations, customers may decide to return a product within 8 days after receiving them. Customers are requested to contact us using any of our contact details. The cost of returning a product shall be borne by the customer. Customers are liable for any damage incurred by misuse of the product.