Hans Zimmer Classics

Lang Lang, Amy Dickson, The Piano Guys, 2 Cellos, Leona Lewis, Till Bronner, Lindsey Stirling
ISBN: 0889853228126
Szerző: Hans Zimmer
Kiadás éve: 2017
Formátum: CD
Nyelv: -

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Ár: 4 950 Ft

Készlet: 1-10 darab


1. Main Theme (from The Dark Knight Rises)
2. Themes (from Pirates of the Caribbean); He's A Pirate / I Don't Think Now's the Best Time / The Black Pearl / Jack Sparrow / Up is Down / One Day
3. Gladiator Rhapsody (from Gladiator)
4. Main Theme (fromCrimson Tide)
5. Time (from Inception)
6. This Land (from The Lion King)
7. Now We Are Free (from Gladiator)
8. Flight (from Man of Steel)
9. Light (from The Thin Red Line)
10. The Battle Scene (from Gladiator)
11. Mombasa (from Inception)
12. The Docking Scene (from Interstellar)


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