Boosey & Hawkes Opera Anthology - Tenor

ISBN: M1540030078
Page: 205
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2018
Format: Sheet Music
Language: -

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J.Adams: Her Arms Have The Beauty (A Flowering Tree)
J. Adams: Platonic Men (Nixon In China)
D. Argento: Gondolier's Song (Casanova's Homecoming)
D. Argento: Now I Know (The Dream of Valentino)
D. Argento: Valentino's Aria (The Dream of Valentino)
D. Argento: Once When I Was A Young Man (Postcard From Morocco)
L. Bernstein: Bon Voyage (Candide)
B. Britten: Albert The Good! (Albert Herring)
B. Britten: The Mayor's Aria (Albert Herring)
B. Britten: O Go, Go! Go Away! (Albert Herring)
B. Britten: I Accept Their Verdict (Billy Budd)
B. Britten: First Lute Song (Gloriana)
B. Britten: Second Lute Song (Gloriana)
B. Britten: Asleep My Love? (A Midsummer Night's Dream)
B. Britten: They Listen To Money (Peter Grimes)
B. Britten: Now The Great Bear And Pleiades (Peter Grimes)
B. Britten: In Dreams I've Built Myself (Peter Grimes)
B. Britten: Rome Is Now Ruled (The Rape of Lucretia)
B. Britten: Tarquinius Does Not Dare (The Rape of Lucretia)


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