Boosey & Hawkes Opera Anthology - Mezzo-Soprano

ISBN: M1540030061
Page: 186
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2018
Format: Sheet Music
Language: -

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J.Adams: I Must Have Been Hysterical (The Death of Kinghoffer)
J.Adams: Am I In Your Light? (Doctor Atomic)
J.Adams: Past Fierce And Tossing Skies (Doctor Atomic)
J.Adams: La Anunciacion (El Nino)
D. Argento: On The Stroke Of Midnight! (The Aspern Papers)
D. Argento: Bellino's Aria (Casanova's Homecoming)
D. Argento: Madame D'Urfe's Aria (Casanova's Homecoming)
D. Argento: Was It Truly Destiny (The Dream of Valentino)
D. Argento: Nazimova's Aria (The Dream of Valentino)
D. Argento: Estella's Aria (Miss Havisham's Fire)
D. Argento: A Foreign Singer's Aria (Postcard From Morocco)
L. Bernstein: Thank You (Mass)
L. Bernstein: There Is A Garden (Trouble In Tahiti)
L. Bernstein: What A Movie! (Trouble In Tahiti)
B. Britten: Doctor Jessop's Midwife (Albert Herring)
B. Britten: What Would Missus Herring Say? (Albert Herring)
B. Britten: Lysander, Help Me Lysander (A Midsummer Night's Dream)
B. Britten: She Sleeps As A Rose Upon The Night (The Rape of Lucretia)


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