300 év zongoramuzsikája - Angol virginálzene

ISBN: M080120309
Author: Hambalkó Edit
Page: 48
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 1981
Publisher: EMB
Language: -

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1. Byrd, William: Alman
2. Byrd, William: Galiarda
3. Byrd, William: Fortune
4. Byrd, William: Galiarda
5. Byrd, William: Pavana Fantasia
6. Farnaby, Giles: A Toye
7. Farnaby, Giles: Mal Sims
8. Farnaby, Giles: His Humour
9. Farnaby, Giles: Rosasolis
10. Morley, Thomas: Alman
11. Philips, Peter: Amarilli di Julio Romano
12. Bull, John: Dr Bull's Juell
13. Bull, John: The King's Hunt
14. Tisdall, W.: Pavana
15. Tisdall, W.: Almand
16. Peerson, Martin: The Primerose
17. Purcell, Henry: Suite


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