2 Cellos (Stjepan Hauser&Luka Sulic): In2ition

ISBN: 0887254094425
Publication date: 2013
Format: CD
Publisher: SONY MUSIC
Language: -

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Price: 5 950 Ft

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Oh, Well (Feat. Elton John) 2.34
We Found Love 3.33
Highway to Hell (Feat. Steve Vai) 3.31
Every Breath You Take 3.50
Supermassive Black Hole (Feat. Naya Rivera) 3.25
Technical Difficulties 2.45
Clocks (Feat. Lang Lang) 5.38
Bang Bang (Feat. Sky Ferreira) 2.46
Voodoo People 2.47
Candle in the Wind 2.47
Orient Express 3.10
Il Libro Dell'amore (Feat. Zucchero) 3.26
Benedictus 6.40


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