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Tóth Krisztina: Aquarium (Akvárium német nyelven)


2013 erschien im Nischen Verlag die deutsche Ausgabe von Krisztina Tóths Roman PIXEL, die es neben fulminanten Kritiken im deutschsprachigen Feuilleton auch auf Platz 1 der ORF-Bestenliste geschafft hat.


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Tóth Krisztina: Pixel


Like stars in the sky, pixels may seem like tiny, individual points. But, when viewed from a distance, they can create elaborate images.


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Ungváry Krisztián: Battle for Budapest

I.B.TAURIS, 2012

The battle of Budapest in the bleak winter of 1944-45 was one of the longest and bloodiest city sieges of World War II. From the appearance of the first Soviet tanks on the outskirts of the capital to the capture of Buda Castle, 102 days elapsed.


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Vida Gábor: Story of a Stammer


In the novel Story of a Stammer, Gábor Vida asks a fundamental question: Where does stammering come from? In the process of answering this question, he discovers that an entire historical period and an entire world have been stammering, too.


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Number of results: 517