Tittel Kinga: Fabulous Budapest

ISBN: 9789634376446
Author: Tittel Kinga
Page: 372
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2019
Format: Book
Publisher: KOLIBRI
Language: English

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Hungary’s capital is visited by millions of tourists every year but only a few know why Fisherman’s Bastion has seven towers. If you haven’t got the faintest idea when Budapest celebrates its birthday and why there are no skyscrapers in the city, this is the book you are looking for. If you would like to get the answer to these questions and many more, do not miss the unique opportunity and discover with Kinga Tittel, a professional tour guide, what makes Budapest so incredibly fabulous.

Fabulous Budapest is a family travel guide that also gives an insight into the history and culture of the Hungarians. The beautifully drawn maps, countless photos and text boxes will give you a colourful and enjoyable experience as well as a better understanding ofthe city and its people.


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