Hungarian Fiddle Tunes (hegedűre zongorakísérettel és CD-melléklettel)

ISBN: M0220133558
Binding: Soft cover
Format: Sheet Music
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Hungarian Fiddle Tunes presents a collection of over 140 pieces for solo violin drawn from the rich tradition of Hungarian folk music. With tunes covering a range of styles from Verbunkos, to Csárdás, to Magyar nóta, experienced folk fiddler Chris Haigh provides notes on all of the pieces, explaining technical aspects of the playing style. The volume is accompanied by Audio files with a recording of all tunes performed by Chris which can be dowloaded with a voucher code printed in the book. German and French translations of all texts are available as free pdf downloads from the Schott Music website. Suitable for players of grades 3-8. Part of the best-selling World Music series, which also includes Fiddle music from England, Ireland, Scotland, Eastern Europe, America, Argentina, India, China and Korea.


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