Culture Smart - Nigeria - The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa with an internal market of 150 million people and an economy growing at around 8 percent a year, is potentially Africa's next powerhouse.
ISBN: 9781857336290
Author: Diane Lemieux
Page: 168
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2012
Format: Book
Publisher: KUPERARD
Language: English

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This important West African nation is made up of 250 culturally distinct ethno-linguistic groups. The largest communities are the Hausa in the north, rooted in the Islamic city-states of the famed trans-Saharan trade routes; the Yoruba of the southwest,where ancient kingdoms nurtured some of Africa's best-known art forms; and the Igbo of the southeast, where decentralized, egalitarian communities have produced many of the country's most successful traders and businessmen. Nigeria has had a bad press: international reports of violence, corruption, and natural disasters completely overlook the vibrancy and artistic sophistication of its diverse cultural groups, most of whom live peacefully in mixed communities. Although Nigeria is the world's fifth-largest producer of oil, there is a huge disparity in income. The competition for scarce resources and the country's dense diversity have fostered ingenuity and perseverance on the part of its ambitious citizens. They are natural entrepreneurs, and intellige


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