William Shakespeare: Julius Caesar (Signet Classic)

In the first of his Roman history plays, the Bard tells the story of the murder of emperor Julius Caesar and the gruesome aftermath as ancient Rome descends into a violent mob.
ISBN: 9780451526892
Author: William Shakespeare
Page: 232
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 1998
Format: Book
Publisher: SIGNET
Language: English

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This title in the Signet Classics Shakespeare series includes:

- An overview of Shakespeare's life, world, and theater
- A special introduction to the play by the editors, William and Barbara Rosen
- Selections from Plutarch's Lives of Noble Grecians and Romans, the source from which Shakespeare derived Julius Caesar
- Dramatic criticism from Roy Walker, Maynard Mack, Richard David, and others
- A comprehensive stage and screen history of notable actors, directors, and productions of Julius Caesar
- Text, notes, and commentaries printed in the clearest, most readable format
- Recommended readings


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