The Tofoo Cookbook - 100 delicious, easy & meat free recipes

Tear it, chop it, fry it, marinade it, dice it or slice it, tofu is the secret ingredient to delicious, hearty vegetarian eating. The Tofoo Cookbook is filled with 100 satisfying, uncomplicated and frankly delicious dishes for every taste.
ISBN: 9781529148527
Page: 224
Binding: Hard cover
Publication date: 2022
Format: Book
Publisher: EBURY PRESS
Language: English

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With easy to follow steps on prepping tofu, delicious marinades and tips for nailing the basics, this book is the perfect guide for anyone looking to add a little to-fun into their cooking. Including classics like Tofu Shakshuka, Tofish and Chips and Tofu Poke Bowls to exciting new recipes like Chipotle Tofu Tacos, Panko Tofu Bao Buns and Sumac Tofu with Tahini Sauce, this book is perfect for everyone from the most dedicated vegetarians to the reluctant flexitarian.


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