Idiot's Guides: Playing Guitar

Written by master guitar teacher David Hodge, Idiot's Guide®: Playing Guitar is a comprehensive visual guide that will help you confidently pick up your guitar for the first time.
ISBN: 9781615644179
Szerző: David Hodge
Oldalszám: 248
Kötés: Puhakötés
Kiadás éve: 2013
Formátum: Könyv
Kiadó: ALPHA
Nyelv: angol

Értékelés(Még nem érkezett értékelés.)

Ár: 4 395 Ft

Készlet: 1-10 darab


You will learn which guitar is best for you before mastering the fundamentals such as tuning, rhythm and reading tablature. Once you have been taught the basics, learn how to play three or four basic chords at a time using fun, simple songs to help you practise. Ideal for the absolute beginner and with each lesson accompanied by photographs and chord charts, this guide is a clear, step-by-step walkthrough introduction to guitar.


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