Daniel Alan Brubaker:Corrections in Early Quran Manuscrips - Twenty Examples

ISBN: 9781949123036
Author: Daniel Alan Brubaker
Page: 113
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2019
Language: English

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It has long been popularly asserted that, in contrast to that of the New Testament, for example, the Qur’an’s manuscript tradition is pristine and perfect, without ever a mark out of place, much less a variation involving whole words or phrases. Brubaker’s fascinating study demonstrates that this is not quite so. What the author has done in this short book is to distill years of research, making accessible to a general readership significant and interesting examples of scribal corrections in some of the earliest Qur’an manuscripts. This book about corrections in handwritten copies of the Qur’an offers its own correction of a widespread but faulty view about the Qur’an


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