Jonas Kaufmann

For two decades, Jonas Kaufmann, referred to as the "King of Tenors," has captivated his audience in an astonishing variety of roles and works.
ISBN: 9783903269750
Author: Christine Cerletti, Thomas Voigt
Page: 445
Binding: Hard cover
Publication date: 2019
Format: Book
Publisher: VFMK
Language: English

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Equally successful in the German, Italian, and French repertoires, he molds his characters with an emotional devotion and credibility that moves the hearts of millions of theater- and movie-goers around the globe. The present volume of photographs documents the highlights in the career of this exceptional singer in the form of a "Picture Journey," keeping track of the milestones in his life: scenes from opera productions, concert performances, and recitals, plus pictures shot during rehearsals, events,and studio recordings, most of them showing previously unpublished material. These images are complemented and countered by Jonas Kaufmann himself: for the first time he has published his own photographs, sharing visual impressions gained while travelingand in his life off the stage.


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